Pet Nutrition Class

To prolong the health and quality of life for your pet, homemade, species-specific food is the best option. When you look at the nutritional value of kibble versus homemade food, also consider the amount of processing, preservatives and additives you can avoid in a homemade diet.

Darla, Connecting with K9s

Nutrition Class – Online

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I will share my knowledge of kibble vs. homemade diets for dogs and cats. I have fed my personal dogs and cats cheap kibble, quality kibble, a homemade diet and now a whole raw food diet. There have been a few main reasons why I have changed from kibble to raw that I will share with everyone.

Also we will discuss vitamins, supplements, variety in diet and the benefits of it all. There will be samples of homemade diets, raw diets and we will talk about how to choose what’s best your your pet.

Bring your questions and expect to learn.

Total course time: 1.5 hours plus homework.

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