Below are testimonials from a few of our training and rescue clients. If you would like to contribute your testimonial, please send it to connectingwithk9s@gmail.com. Thank you!

hurley“My husband and I found Connecting with K9s after our mastiff/shepherd mix Hurley began showing signs of fear aggression and anxiety, especially with strangers. It had come to the point we stopped having people in our home. Although we had tried to extensively educate ourselves about the pack mentality and dog psychology, we were obviously missing something. Darla proved to be a true gift to our family! Darla not only is here to train and rehabilitate dogs, but to do the same with their owners.


marleyandgreg“Thank you for all your help with Marley. He is doing well because of everything I have learned from you. You saved the day. Marley has come a long way. He walks well on the leash, no more separation anxiety and listens to commands. When we are out front and he tries to nonchalantly walk away. I just have to say in a calm voice. ” Where are you going?” then he will come back and sit in the garage. Other dogs are still an issue and I know that a lot of it is my fault. I know someday I will get over it, and so he will be able to, too. You have told me he can feel my energy; and that is very true. Thank you again Darla!”

Maria, Greg & Marley

AllisonandJoey“Connecting with K9s was such a Godsend! Before Darla worked with Joey, we couldn’t go on a walk without the fear he may try to nip at strangers, chase after cats or bark at other dogs. After one training session with her, he was able to control himself, walk on a loose leash and was looking to me for guidance and support. The change was phenomenal! Because of the training we received from Darla, Joey was able to be placed in a foster home while I went to training with the Army. Which would not have even been a possibility earlier due to his behavior. Thank you for everything!!”

Allison & Joey