I started training dogs over 30 years ago with my first dog, a border collie mix. I trained her in obedience, agility, any trick I could think of and we made regular visits to the nearby nursing home. She was heeling off-leash at 8 months of age. She was my best friend and built a passion in me that would later lead to helping others.

I have been training professionally since 2008. I am a balanced trainer, focusing on the owners/dogs needs.  I teach dogs life skills and to problem solve, make choices and put their natural instincts to use is crucial in order for them to learn new behaviors. I do use a variety of training tools including treats, toys, prong training collars, electronic collars and praise to help them fully understand what we expect of them. Most dogs enjoy pleasing their owners as long as they see you as their pack leader. I teach owners how to stop unwanted behaviors through corrections, pack leadership and easier ways to communicate with their best friends.

Over the last 20 years I have rescued, rehabilitated and re-homed 600 plus dogs and numerous cats. Every dog teaches me something new. I had previously volunteered with a local rescue group, Save the Pets since 2008. This included fostering dogs, temperament testing, dog intros and assisting at adopt-a-thons. I have since started Connecting with K9s Rescue as of March 2016. I have seen a need for training/rehabilitation of many dogs being rescued, to prevent unnecessary returns. This being said, all my rescues go to their forever homes after completing my 2 week board & train program. If you are looking for a dog, please check out petfinder or rescueme websites to find the perfect fit for your family. http://www.petfinder.com , rescueme.org

I am a single mom and share my home with my children on our 2 acre farm in Creswell, Oregon. We have 5 personal dogs, 2 cats and chickens, all with a history. I generally have 6-8 foster dogs and 2-3 board & train students here at any given time. We’re active in our church where we use our God given talents when possible.

If you are truly at your wits end or just need a tune-up with your best friend, please contact me and I’d love to show you how to better connect with your canine. Contact me today: connectingwithk9s@gmail.com or leave a message at 541-514-6804.

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