We have helped many dogs and puppies over the years. Here are a few adoptable dogs looking for their forever home.

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This sweet, snuggly girl is truly the epitome of a faithful companion. She can be vocal and tries to express her opinions tactfully. She has been exceptionally trained by 2 professional trainers and loves to show off her skills. She is very choosy with her dog friends and therefore needs a home as an only dog. NO Cats!! She is an active girl and needs regular, moderate exercise.

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This pretty girl is full of spirit. She loves all kinds of activities and needs a family with an active lifestyle. She can be vocalize her opinion when she sees an out of control dog on leash and needs ongoing guidance.  Daisy has been trained extensively by 2 separate professional trainers and is very well behaved. She is a 2 yrs old, about 75 lb Pit mix. She adores fun kids and enjoys watching over them. No Cats!!

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This handsome fellow is full of goofiness and charm. He is a 4 yr old, 65 lb, Pit/Lab mix that prefers  male owners and likes to play with other well behaved dogs. No cats!! He is a dog of medium activity and likes to go on adventures.

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Chloe is a 3 yr old Chihuahua. She is a shy little girl that needs lots of patience and time to get to know new people. She loves having dog friends and needs a confident dog in the home. She is great at ignoring cats and other animals. She like short walks and car rides. She needs a family that has experience with timid dogs to continue her training to be the best she can be.

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This sweet spunky girl is looking for a family of her own. She is a 2 yr Pit Bull that loves to have fun and wants to be the life of the party. She needs to be the only pet in the home. She is friendly with people of all ages. Guava likes to go for long leisure walks and lounge in the shade or curl up at your feet. She can be intense when playing with toys due to a high prey drive. She needs a strong leader so she can be set up to make good choices.

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This handsome boy is still waiting for his chance at a forever home. He was previously adopted and returned. He has now gone through extensive training and is ready to try again to impress a family worthy of his love. He is a goofy boy that is dog selective and needs a strong leader to guide him through life. Lucky loves to play and snuggle. He is not fond of cats or annoying little dogs. He is looking to make a love connection.

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Contact me at (541) 744-6697 or by e-mail at

Recently Adopted


Max  –  ADOPTED!!!

This cute little Schnoodle is a professional lap warmer. He is about 2 yrs old and 10 lbs. He does well with other dogs of all sizes and is learning to respect dog savvy cats. He can be protective of his people and needs ongoing structure and boundaries set regularly so he can make good choices.


Morgan – ADOPTED!!!

This sweet girl has had a rough life. She was originally found abandoned by a weigh station. A few great ladies rescued her and she found her way to us. She took a while to settle in and now that she is spayed and healthy she is waiting for her perfect forever home. Morgan is guessed to be a Shepherd/Pit mix, about 3-4 yrs old, 65 lbs, good with some dogs, good with cats, shy with some people, protective of her family and loves to have fun. She is a faithful girl that just needs a chance at a forever home. Could that be you?