Rates & Services

Dog Training Services

I make house calls for you and your canine friends. Think of it as designing a home school program for your dog(s). There will be daily homework if you expect results. I do not come to your home and train your pet for you, leaving you with a perfect dog. Each dog learns at his own pace and you must not ever rush it! There are no guarantees and the end result is up to you.

Effort + Time = Success

I recommend a phone consultation first to briefly discuss your needs.

Stay Tuned: Group Classes Beginning in May

All dogs need to be up to date on vaccinations and healthy, prior to training sessions.

For the first initial training session, I come to your home to see your dog(s) in their natural environment. This is where he/she feels most comfortable and will show their true self.

  • The first session is $125 and will take up to 2 hours.*
  • Follow-up sessions are $75 and will take approx. 1 hour.*

Follow-up sessions are recommended for some dogs. For issues of anxiety or aggression, more than one follow-up session is recommended. A canine assistant will be brought to help as needed. Some dogs learn new behaviors easier from others of their own species.

*All fees may be subject to a travel charge of $10-20 per visit for outside the Eugene/Springfield area.

These sessions teach basic manners, obedience and human respect for puppies through adult dogs of any age. I also discuss meeting the dogs mental and physical needs. Inadequate structure balanced with mental & physical exercise are the cause of most behavioral issues.

*For the dog and handlers safety, it may be necessary to obtain special equipment such as a corrective collar and/or a muzzle.

Note: All visits include leadership exercises and games that you can play with your dog which help form a bond between pet and owner that lasts a lifetime.

Group Classes

I offer “Life Skills for Dogs, Leadership for Owners” group summer classes at Willamalane, Lively Park in Springfield. These classes start in May and run throughout September and last 7 weeks. During these 7 week classes, I teach obedience and leadership skills modifying to your specific needs. Commands your dog will learn are Sit, Down, Stay, Heel, Come, Off and Place. I also include socializing and working around many distractions to “proof” behaviors. All dogs will remain on leash during class.

$120 for 1st dog/ per class. $65 for each additional dog in household. Each dog needs an adult handler.

*All dogs need to be at least 4 months of age, up to date on vaccinations and healthy, prior to classes.

Contact me to sign up for these classes.

Board & Train Programs

We offer 7, 14 and 21 day Board & Train programs for dogs that need to learn skills for life. This is for dogs that either need to learn a foundation of basic skills, fine tune them and/or need to learn social skills in a controlled environment. All dogs will have a mandatory evaluation prior to entering our programs.

Boot Camp Board & Train Programs ~

  • 7 Days ~ $600 Puppy Boot Camp ~ Learning manners and social time geared for puppies 4-6 months of age
  • 7 Days ~ $500 Refresher Course ~ For previous dogs that have been through the Foundations Course.
  • 14 Days ~ $1000 Basic Foundations Course
  • 21 Days ~ $1500 Reactive Dog Course including Foundations Course

I give your dog a good foundation in manners, impulse control, giving them an “off switch”, being respectful of people and other dogs. There will be 2 individual training sessions (these vary in time length depending on individual dog’s needs and age) and one social/ group session per day. Depending on the individual dog’s needs and what they can socially handle, they will be allowed social time and/or worked around my balanced pack. We will go on field trips in the community to work on self control.

All dogs will be required to have their Distemper, Bordetella and Rabies vaccines up to date and provide proof. Each dog will be free of external parasites and provide proof of flea preventative.

**This fee includes an evaluation at the beginning of the Board & Train program and a training session(s) for owners. These training sessions vary depending on length of dog’s training program. The first session we will show you all that your dog has learned and what your job will be, as their leader. In order to have ongoing success you will need to continue their boot camp training once they return home.  I offer regular updates during your dog’s visit that include pictures and videos of their progress, posted on Facebook or via email.

Weekly Pack Walks

I offer weekly pack walks at Dorris Ranch in Springfield. Pack walks are every Saturday morning at 10 – 11:30 a.m. We meet at the beginning of the bike path by the bathrooms. We walk a total of 3 miles and stop at the halfway point. At this time I incorporate some training opportunities to challenge our dogs and help you as their handler learn life skills. All dogs remain on leash and are at varying levels of training. There is a $5 charge that goes towards the care of my foster dogs. Hope to see you there!