Rates & Services

Dog Training Services

Each dog learns at his own pace and you must not ever rush it! There are no guarantees and the end result is up to you.    Effort + Time = Success

First step: fill out our online training questionnaire.

Training Questionnaire

Second step: a telephone consultation. Cost is $30, payable prior to telephone call.

All dogs need to be up to date on vaccinations and healthy, prior to training.

Private Sessions

Due to Covid-19, I am no longer offering in home visits. I am offering a few different options for private training.  I can meet you in a public location such as a park or we can meet at Lucky Paws Rescue store, 2053 Laura St. Unit A, Springfield and while wearing masks work with 6 ft social distancing and/or work outdoors weather permitting. Please specify your preferred location during our telephone consultation. 

First time session is the basic 60 minutes and includes an evaluation of your dog(s).  Private sessions can address a wide variety of issues including: jumping, barking, digging, mouthing, chewing, humping, counter surfing, crate training, potty training, leash pulling, leash reactivity, obedience, and mild aggression issues. I will leave you with a verbal training plan, recommended tools and home work. Without doing the home work there will be few results.

1 on 1 only, 60 minute session      $125    (most clients need 1 additional visit)

1 on 1 , 60 min. follow-up session    $100

Package 1  includes initial 1 on 1, 60 mins. and  2 separate –  60 min. sessions   $295

Package 2  (for dogs with aggression)  includes initial 1 on 1, and 3 separate – 60 minute sessions  $395

*Additional $20 travel charge if outside of the Eugene/Springfield area.

I recommend an initial telephone consultation to discuss your training needs. ($30 fee)

Group Classes

**All classes are held at Lucky Paws Rescue store, 2053 Laura St., Springfield.

I offer “Life Skills for Dogs, Leadership for Owners” group classes. Our next set of classes will start 3/10. Class details listed below. All potential clients must go through a preliminary telephone consultation prior to joining any class. (Included in class fee)        Go to the contact page and send me a message if you are interested.

*Dogs with bite records of any kind or serious leash aggression are not eligible for classes and should schedule a private session or complete our board and train program.

We are offering “Puppy Basics & Confidence Building” group classes for puppies 8 – 20 weeks of age. Puppies learn basics such as sit, down, come, heel, place, no and break, through a reward system and owners learn how to correct unwanted behaviors such as biting and jumping.

Cost is $150 for 6 classes, once weekly.  Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays, starting 3/17/21 , times will vary. Spaces limited to 4 dogs and 8 people. Place – Lucky Paws Rescue Store, 2053 Laura St, Unit A, Springfield.  Go to the contact page and send me a message. Register at 1st class which is lecture only, No dogs.

Our “Beginners, Life Skills for Dogs” is for dogs 6 months and older and will learn their basics, such as sit, down, come, heel, place, no and break. We then “proof” the commands while gradually adding distractions. I teach you how to effectively stop unwanted behaviors with corrections such as jumping, bolting and biting. Leadership skills for owners.

Cost is $150 for 6 classes, once weekly. Wednesdays & Fridays, starting 3/17/21 & 3/19/21, times will vary.  Spaces limited to 6 dogs & 12 people. Place – Lucky Paws Rescue Store, 2053 Laura St Unit A, Springfield.   Go to the contact page and send me a message. Register at 1st class which is lecture only, No dogs.

Board & Train Programs

We offer 10, 14 and 21 day Board & Train programs for dogs that need to learn skills for life. This is for dogs that either need to learn a foundation of basic skills, fine tune them and/or need to learn social skills in a controlled environment. All dogs will have a mandatory evaluation prior to entering our programs.

Boot Camp Board & Train Programs ~

  • 10 Days ~ $1000 “Puppy Boot Camp” ~ Learning manners, confidence building and social time geared for puppies 3-5 months of age
  • 14 Days ~ $1200 “Basic Foundations Course” Basic manners and stopping unwanted behaviors
  • 21 Days + ~ $1800+ “Reactive Dog Course” including Foundations Course
  • 14 – 28 Days ~ “Immersion Program” – for repeat offenders used as a refresher or with more intense training beyond the Basic Foundations.

I give your dog a good foundation in manners, impulse control, giving them an “off switch”, being respectful of people and other dogs. There will be 2 individual training sessions (these vary in time length depending on individual dog’s needs and age) and one social/ group session per day. Depending on the individual dog’s needs and what they can socially handle, they will be allowed social time and/or worked around my balanced pack. We will go on field trips in the community to work on self control and confidence building.

I recommend an initial 30 minute telephone consultation to briefly discuss your training needs.        Cost $30

*All fees are payable by Cash, Check, Venmo (connectingwithk9s)   or  Paypal (connectingwithk9s@gmail.com).

Social Camp ~

  • 3-10 days (3 day minimum)~ $50/day , $45/day each additional dog in same household. This program is for current and past clients.

I give your dog the ability to be social around a balanced pack of dogs. We will walk on leash and off leash as a pack as well as other available activities during your dog’s stay with us. Your dog may choose to just exist around other dogs or actually engage in play. Either way they will learn proper dog etiquette with the help of my pack. A brief session at pick-up will help you further understand your dog and their social needs.

All dogs will be required to have their Distemper, Bordetella and Rabies vaccines up to date or Titer tested and provide proof. Each dog will be free of external parasites and provide proof of flea preventative.

First step:  Please fill out a training questionnaire to be considered for our board and train program.

Training Questionnaire

Second step: Telephone consultation up to 30 minutes to discuss your training needs and to be sure we are compatible as a team for your dog.  Cost $30,  payable prior to telephone call.

**This fee includes an evaluation at the beginning of the Board & Train program and a training session(s) for owners. These training sessions vary depending on length of dog’s training program. The first initial session we will show you all that your dog has learned and what your job will be, as their leader. In order to have ongoing success you will need to continue their boot camp training once they return home.  I offer regular updates during your dog’s visit that include pictures and videos of their progress, posted on Facebook or via email.

I recommend an initial telephone consultation (fee applies) to briefly discuss your training needs.

Weekly Pack Walks

I offer Saturday morning pack walks from 10-11:30 a.m., taking place at Dorris Ranch in Springfield. We meet at the beginning of the bike path by the bathrooms. We walk a total of 2 miles and stop at the halfway point for training exercises. During our walk I incorporate training opportunities to challenge our dogs and help you as their handler learn life skills. All dogs remain on leash and are at varying levels of training. No flex-leads or on leash dog introductions are permitted. Contact me with questions.

There is a $5 charge that goes towards the care of my foster dogs. Hope to see you there!

*All fees are payable by cash, check, Venmo (connectingwithk9s)   or  Paypal (connectingwithk9s@gmail.com).