Steve & Nikki

nikki 2“Three year old Nikki update. She came home at only 7 weeks and she was super wild & high strung – obvious now that was too early to leave the litter. Tried a puppy trainer in Coos Bay and after the second class Nikki was “bounced from the kindergarten class’ with a $ refund. I tried a 2 week in house training with a renowned German Shepherd trainer with over 50 years of military & police dog training and then continued with his 10 one hour group training sessions. Nikki was still uncontrollable & very high strung – couldn’t control her on walks and she was impossible in the car. Enter Connecting with K9s. I dropped off a wild animal with Darla. Nikki spent 3 weeks ( spring of 2018 ) for a board and train. It was great being able to watch her progress via the daily video updates that were posted online ( I was at a wedding in Florida and these training videos were a big hit). We also did a 7 week class that following summer. Today Nikki is the German Shepherd she was meant to be. Still sharp and energetic and not at all aggressive. Runs well with dogs she knows and walking on leash is much easier. Surprisingly, our bond has reached the point where she stays close to my side healing OFF leash. We will continue with her socializing and looking forward to whatever new projects Darla puts together at the new location.”